Myths & Misconceptions Foreigners have about India

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. - Mahatma Gandhi

India is an exotic, diverse and colourful country where over 1.25 billion people live. Though our global perception continues to improve with economic growth, every now and then, foreign folks who are new to Indian culture ask us some random, out-of-the-blue questions about India that make us laugh.

Book Ola/Uber Cabs: Use Google Search

Google has made the process of hailing a car ride more streamlined now. Google Maps integrated with ridesharing app is old news. The new Google update makes it all the more easier for commuters to check cab availability, compare Uber, Ola fares and hail a cab to desired destination - all using your smartphone.

How to Remove Blogger Default CSS Bundle easily?

Custom Blogger template developers feel the need to make their templates more flexible in terms of custom assets, design responsivenes and increase blogger loading speeds but often experience problems due to the Widget CSS bundle file. Here is a simple hack to remove widget css bundles from blogger.

Patanjali Exposed: Excellent Inspirational Success Story

Aren't we the same people who shied away from using neem sticks as toothbrush and salt as toothpaste because it was considered "Barbaric" by the western civilization. Look what we are running behind now - Little Namak & Neem in our glorified toothpaste and fashionable zigzag cutting in our pristine toothbrush. Excellent markets aren’t we?

Rummy Rules: How to Play Rummy Online?

Indian rummy is an exciting game that has always been intertwined with Indian culture for ages. It has evolved constantly but has stayed in relevance. Technological advancements have made Rummy undergo a complete makeover. We now need to acknowledge the fact that online rummy today has replaced yesteryear’s traditional form of playing rummy. Online rummy is generating such a buzz these days.