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Life is GOOD because it is Random. Randomness is WEIRD because it is Unique. The IRONY.

RandomTyms Breed - Random Blogger.

A totally very RANDOM BLOG with Some very RANDOM PAGES to Read at very RANDOM TIMES -

Technology Tyms

Check out some cool Tech updates.. Missing somthing? Feel free to mail me..

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Get latest updates and tips on social tools like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp..

Review Tyms

Think my reviews are unfair? Hey, I found your nose, it was in my business again!

News Tyms

Find out what India is talking about. Updates about People, Places & Events ..

Blogger Tyms

Beginner? Learn Blogging at the perfect Destination - Create, Present and Share!

Fun Tyms

Got some funny Content? Share it with me.. Allow me to share it with all.

Kitchen Tyms

Wanted to share recipes that are actually Edible and truly Tasty :)

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